4-day working week is one of the most popular demands in the workplace

by | Oct 1, 2022

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Research reveals that a 4-day working week is one of the most popular demands in the workplace. The research, undertaken by Lensa, looked at US search trends to investigate what the most popular demands are in the workspace. 

Top 10 most popular demands in the workplace in the US:



Annual Google searches



Remote working




4 day work week




Employee assistance programmes




Signing on bonus




Employee resource groups




Career development



Hybrid working



Smart office



401k contributions



Employee discounts


Remote working – 487,600 searches
The pandemic shows a widespread shift to remote working for many employees across many industries. This has led to the revelation that many people can work just as effectively from home. On top of this, people have also noticed the benefits of working from home: comfort, flexibility, a reduction in commute, and being able to spend more time with family. Employees are now asking if remote working can become a new norm, or at least, an option for those employees who it suits.
Four Day Work Week – 192,200 searches
Not only do employees value flexibility when it comes to remote working, but many employees are now suggesting that they can be just as productive working four days a week as they are currently working at five. The pandemic left many employees thinking about what they value in their lives and caused many to rethink their current work-life balance. For many, it is more important than ever to take extra time with friends and loved ones as the world is a truly unpredictable place.
Employee Assistance Programmes – 164,100 searches
Employee assistance programs are confidential services for employees that aim to help them with any issues that might impact their performance or well-being. These programs usually involve assessments and counselling and are delivered at no cost to the employee. By supporting employees through poor mental or physical health, well-being issues, or personal issues, employees become happier and healthier and feel valued and supported by their organization.
Signing on Bonus – 139,800 searches
A signing bonus is a one-time payment made to a new employee when they first start working at a new company, as an incentive to join that company. Signing on bonuses are often intended to attract more employees to a given job, making the compensation package for that job more attractive. Signing on bonuses saw 139,800 searches in the US over the last year.
Employee Resource Groups – 84,300 searches
Employee resource groups are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs are generally based on providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to personal development in the work environment.
Further Insights:
  • Menopause Leave saw a 1,300% Year on Year increase.

  • Free office coffee is the least desired employee benefit with 110 searches.

  • Tips on how to ask your employer for better workplace benefits.

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