79% of employees feel supported by their manager according to new study

According to a new study, nearly four in five (79%) of employees feel supported by their manager.

The study conducted by The Compensation Experts polled 1,500 workers across different occupations to uncover the general perceptions of their workplace including whether they feel supported.

A further 78.7% saying that their employer is usually flexible in ensuring that they have suitable time off when needed. Additionally, a further 78.5% say that their colleagues have always been understanding and supportive.

However, on the contrary, 46.6% of employees still wouldn’t feel comfortable telling their employer that they need time off even if they did.

In general, though, it seems UK workplaces are accommodating, with 80% of Brits feeling their workplace is compassionate, and 70% feeling open to talking about personal matters with their manager.

The most supportive industries 

Rank Industry % of employees that feel supported at work
1 Tourism 90%
2 Construction 89%
3 Hospitality 88%
4 Data and IT 85%
5 Business and Management 83%

Based on the poll, tourism, construction and Hospitality are the top three most supportive industries.

Delving further into the findings and workers’ perceptions of their industry, in tourism 90% feel supported by their manager, and 86% feel open about talking about personal matters with their manager.

In the construction sector, however, 89% feel supported by their manager and 68% feel open in talking about personal matters with their manager.

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