Accelerate Procurement among pioneering brands to join GenM as Founding Partners

Enterprise operator, Accelerate Procurement, has recently joined forces with new menopause awareness organisation, GenM, to recognise and respond to the needs of the UK’s 15.5 million menopausal and perimenopausal women, as well as trans and non-binary people in menopause.

Adding to a fast-growing line-up of GenM Founding Partners, Accelerate Procurement joins household names, including M&S, Holland & Barrett and Bravissimo, all committed to improving the menopause experience for the UK’s 15.5 million menopausal women and their support networks.

Established in 2019, Accelerate Procurement is majority female-owned and run. Its team of experienced, entrepreneurial procurement leaders helps enterprises operate more efficiently by transforming global procurement functions and service provider organisations.

GenM, the menopause partner for brands, was co-founded by Heather Jackson and Sam Simister, two businesswomen who found the menopause incredibly difficult to navigate and suddenly felt invisible to brands with whom they had built loyalty over the years.

This experience runs true for many, as GenM research shows that 87% of menopausal women feel overlooked by both brands and society at large, while three in four women believe that menopause remains a taboo topic that cannot be openly discussed. Furthermore, a huge 88% of women wish their workplaces were better set up to support menopausal staff.

GenM was created to normalise and amplify the conversation around the menopause and encourage responsible brands, organisations and employers to support menopausal consumers and employees alike. All of GenM’s Founding Partners have committed to do more to effect change, including better representing the menopause in workplace policies,  product development, signposting and marketing campaigns, as well as using their platforms to normalise the conversation surrounding the menopause.

Some recent activations from GenM Founding Partners include Vichy skincare launching a new menopause-focused product range, Boots adding a menopause product and information hub onsite, and Fairmont Windsor Park hotel launching 8 new menopause-friendly policies.

Commenting on the new partnership, Karen Mansell, CEO of Accelerate Procurement, said: “We work with inspiring women every day and strongly believe in supporting women of all ages in the workforce – including those in the menopause. So much progress has been made on empowering women to enter the business world, but it’s just as important to make sure that they are supported throughout their careers. We can’t continue to allow the menopause to become yet another barrier for them to overcome.

“When GenM approached us to join their mission and commit to improving the menopause experience, we immediately saw the profound benefits of this game-changing cause. We’re proud to be one of the 48 Founding Partners, representative of the 48 symptoms of the menopause, transforming attitudes and helping to improve the menopause experience for all.”

Heather Jackson, co-founder of GenM, said: “The menopause is a pivotal journey in life that affects everyone either directly or indirectly, but few understand it or even know how to discuss it. This ignorance has fostered a culture where women feel unsupported, underprepared, and afraid to speak out, especially in the workplace.

“It’s great to see Accelerate Procurement leading the change that millions want to see and using their platform to help us to become a voice for the menopause that’s too loud to ignore. By offering better representation and support for the menopause at home, at work and in society, we hope that these exciting partnerships will help those affected to know that they are not alone.”

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