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The Sunday Times warns that the taxman is cracking down on self-assessment taxpayers who claim dividends on shares or income from rental properties. HM Revenue & Customs is using data from its Connect super-computer programme, which allows it to match different bits of information about people’s affairs.

On the plus side, it reassures us that we can relax, we really can survive the minefield of capital gains tax.

There’s also a grinning mugshot of this year’s pantomime (or otherwise) villain, Neil Woodford, to illustrate that as this year’s disasters have proved, no investor truly has 2020 vision. I see what they did there…

The Sunday Telegraph reveals how thousands of savers are being hit with a £973 fine just for taking their cash from a Lifetime Isa.

Under the headline “Dismal and out of touch”, the paper reports how campaigners are reacting pretty negatively to Andrew Bailey’s promotion as head honcho at the Bank of England.

One item that saw me flinging myself onto my bed, weeping bitter tears of failure and disillusionment into my pillow led with the words ‘I want to retire at 58 on £45k a year. Is £1.4m enough?’ Wow.

The Mail on Sunday starts off pretty chirpy, suggesting you ‘Put a spring in your savings during 2020: make a resolution to turn yourself into a thriving investor with these five top tips’.

They then report that working families were promised more help in the election, but critics say even the current 30 hours ‘free’ childcare is failing.

And sadly, it appears that the UK’s High Streets are on their worst run since records began 23 years ago, and the latest sales slump leaves stores facing a make or break Christmas.

But hey, it nearly is Christmas and, as per, I haven’t even started shopping yet, so maybe I can rectify that trend over the next couple of days.

In the meantime, from me and all the staff at IFA Magazine, all the very best wishes for a happy, relaxing and harmonious festive week.

And don’t bother reading the papers, they’re gloomy. We’ll keep posting the stuff you need to know so you can just focus on having the best time with whoever is special to you. Pob iechyd!

A modest Monday mantra – “I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body. Then I realized who was telling me this.” (Emo Philips)


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