Andy Briggs, Phoenix Group CEO and UK Government Business Champion for Older Workers and the Ageing Society comments on the Government’s response to the Menopause and Workplace report

Commenting on the government’s response to the Menopause and the Workplace report (here), Andy Briggs CEO of Phoenix Group and the UK Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers and the Ageing Society said:

“This announcement is an important first step towards ensuring those going through the menopause are supported and can continue to thrive in the workplace. 

“We are pleased to see Dame Lesley Regan, as the Women’s Health Ambassador for England, will be invited to join the UK Menopause Taskforce as a permanent member and believe that dedicated Menopause Employment Champions will be integral to giving a voice to workers going through the menopause and supporting their economic contributions.

“With one in four women considering giving up work because of menopause symptoms, there is a clear business case for employers, government, and society to come together to support those going through the menopause to thrive in the workplace. Ensuring the approach involves representatives from different government departments, external experts and on-the-ground DWP 50PLUS Champions will be important in ensuring this is top of the agenda. 

“The government needs to continue to send a strong signal that it is prioritising support for millions of individuals going through menopause, as well as breaking down taboos and normalising this important issue. We will work closely with the Women’s Health Ambassador to ensure menopause support is a clear priority, and that the other recommendations in the report are implemented without delay.

“As outlined in the 50PLUS Choices Taskforce report, employers also have a key role to play in retaining and supporting individuals experiencing the menopause, by communicating and providing content on a topic unfamiliar to many. We are pleased to see the government encouraging employers to be a critical part of the campaign and at Phoenix Group we are already taking steps to encourage open discussions, through an ongoing menopause awareness campaign along with training for all our colleagues.

“We will continue to look for further ways to support this important issue, utilising the recommendations in the report and sharing our learnings and best practice with others.”

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