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Hip Impact Protection (HIP) provides sensor devices embedded in hip protectors to efficiently detect all falls, creating alarms and capturing data for subsequent analysis; the pads are ideal for care homes and elderly people living alone. The aim is to prevent all hip fractures and reduce the number of falls.

Founded in 2009 and based in Andover, HIP is in a Series A funding round seeking £700,000 of which £100,000 has already been raised.

In the UK, there are 10,000 falls daily and 78,000 hip fractures annually.

A reduction in the number of A&E admissions is the No.1 priority in NHS’s 5-year plan – 34% are currently the result of falls.

The total cost to the UK of falls and fractures is £8.25bn every year.

The RoI for falls prevention is 20.6 times within 12-18 months, according to a BMJ report in March 2017.

The HIP solution

Fall-Safe wearable assistive technology for the elderly; a personal emergency response system attached to each thigh by an adhesive film. The devices are replaceable, and wearable 24/7 for 1-2 weeks, including in bed, bath and shower.

The Fall-Safe Assist Device connects wirelessly and automatically to clinicians, relatives, friends and neighbours.

The ActivePERS (Personal Emergency Response System) app includes:

  1. Fall detection – the industry’s best fall detection technology
  2. GPS location – emergency alerts include user’s location sensor
  3. Non-usage Alerts – optional alerts if the device is not worn
  4. No recharging – ±1 year of battery life for sensor, then replace
  5. Elderly-friendly design
  6. Easy set up – wizard guides the user through startup
  7. Easy use – large fonts, intuitive design and simple navigation
  8. Always on – app runs in background anytime phone is on

40,000 pads have been sold worldwide so far.

Read and download Hip Impact Protection’s corporate presentation here

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