ARIE Capital Technology EIS Fund 3 investee profile

Producing chemical-free, clean, naturally grown food, and reducing food waste is critical.

UK food shrinkage is at £11 billion per year. In the United States, 40% of food gets thrown away every year, which amounts to $162 billion in waste annually, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Since 2014, Vitabeam has developed, field-tested and professionally validated patented devices that simultaneously supercharge the growth and yield of produce and kill pathogens (mould and bacteria) with a natural, chemical-free patented energy formula.

The implementation of this technology will benefit 6 global markets, with positive ROI and health and safety benefits to perishable foods we depend on or enjoy; fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and flowers.

Vitabeam’s patented VQe (Vitabeam Quantum energy) is the proprietary “cocktail” of wavelengths of light found in the natural sunlight spectrum; this is used in all Vitabeam products.

Vitabeam’s MaxStrip uses VQe to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce without the need for any chemicals. As a result, the MaxStrip can be used safely and easily by growers and retailers, as well as in the home, to save energy and reduce food waste.

Vitabeam’s Steril Max delivers high-powered disinfection and sanitising capabilities to growers in their pre-packaging process, as well as to healthcare across all care environments. In independent trials at a top US lab, Steril Max killed 99.9999% of harmful bacteria commonly present on foods and in hospitals.

Steril Max is expected to be highly effective at killing viruses, including COVID-19.

Vitabeam supercharges growth by increasing photosynthesis, resulting in an increase of carbon dioxide uptake and oxygen production, as well as increased nutrient uptake, for a greener planet.

Key highlights

  • £3m EIS equity raise (series A)
  • Opportunity to invest in a green, high-growth potential, Agri/Bio tech under attractive EIS conditions
  • Vitabeam is focused on 6 global markets, with commercially ready devices for food supply from farm to fork, medical cannabis and healthcare
  • Professionally field-tested to prove increased yield and potency
  • Commercial sales completed in the US, Canada and Hawaii. Global sales rollout to occur with funding
  • Strong ROI benefits to all customers, e.g. within 3 to 9 months for growers and 6 to 9 months for retailers, with a product warranty of 5 years
  • Exit opportunities for maximum PE valuation IPO / trade sales to multiple large sector companies, offering multiple potential routes for returns
  • Awarded two UK Government grants in horticulture, with many more options available for other sector awards
  • Strong pipeline revenue committed for 2021; included in new build projects standards, while retrofit is also viable, presenting huge commercial opportunities
  • Proven, patented, safe, world-first science

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