ARIE Capital Technology EIS: Net4 – an update from the CEO

We had been building good momentum up to this point, and we have been waiting with bated breath to see how the market would react to the situation and how it would impact the business.

It has become clear that, whilst certain business sectors are slowing down, others are not, and indeed new opportunities are also presenting themselves. In this new normal that the pandemic has created, innovators such as Net4 are more crucial than ever.

Net4 has built strong channel relationships, and now is not the time to stop. Our channel partners are not stopping, and therefore any slowdown in the operations of Net4 will only serve to undo the work that we have done to date.


We continue to develop the technology stack as per our plan, but in the last month we have made two key advancements.

Our visual insights partner, in conjunction with Net4, has upgraded its joint solution to provide event-based alerts and actions from live video feeds within our Thingable IoT platform. This serves to turn CCTV cameras into sensors for identifying & counting people, identifying objects, and zoning areas for enhanced security.

Net4 is also integrating with a leading workflow and scheduling app provider in order to provide the intelligence of IoT sensor data to the app. This enables automated job scheduling and automatic alerts, thereby increasing automation and creating efficiencies.

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