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  • HSBC in disarray on Bounce Back Loans:

    In a blow to the Treasury, HSBC cannot process Bounce Back loans quickly enough to get money to businesses before the V-E Bank Holiday weekend,

  • Bounce Back: HSBC redefines 24 hours

    On Monday at nine AM on the button the British Banking system fired the gun on the UK Government’s Bounce Back Loan scheme (BBILS’s). The

  • HSBC admit Breaching of Bounce Back Loans Target

    Rishi Sunak showed Dunkirk spirit when he announced his pledge to deliver “whatever it takes” to keep SME’s in business. However some UK banks just

  • Questions Asked Over Barclays and HSBC Missing Loans

    peter_IFAMAG reads Twitter so you don’t have to. The Bank of England says the UK economy could shrink up to 30% in second quarter of

  • NatWest straining to deliver Bounce Back Loan as scammers pile in

    HSBC were the first to flag serious delays in delivering much needed Bounce Back Loans following their introduction on the fourth of May. The sheer

  • Catching a Falling Knife – An Overview of the UK Property Market During Corona Crisis

    Almost 400,000 UK property transactions worth £82 billion were paused by the pandemic lockout. The doors have been thrown open again, but what floor has

  • HMRC pause on Inheritance Tax investigations gives taxpayers opportunity to get affairs in order, says lawyers

    HMRC launched another 5,347 Inheritance Tax investigations last year Truce on tax investigations only temporary HMRC’s suspension of its Inheritance Tax investigations during the coronavirus

  • US Stock Market is Overvalued

    peter_IFAMAG reads Twitter so you don’t have to. The US Stock Market may be overvalued by as much as 16%, with 7 large tech firms

  • KPMG sued for £250 Million

    peter_IFAMAG reads Twitter so you don’t have to. The company winding down defunct Carillion is preparing to sue KPMG £250 million over ‘auditor negligence’. In

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