Blockchain Infrastructure Fund launched

by | Jul 12, 2018

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Shield Investment Management, a specialist Technology VC fund manager, has launched the Blockchain Infrastructure Fund.

Via the fund, investors will have the first chance to generate enhanced monthly revenues through investments in Blockchain data centres, the super-computers underpinning not only Blockchain, but all artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

The fund generates profits through mining the currencies and other tasks. The firm said that the profit made each day is captured each day, and converted into dollars. It aims to deliver predictable revenue streams, and plans to provide long term revenue for investors.

Shield also specialises in early stage disruptive technology companies capable of generating long term growth.

The Blockchain Infrastructure Fund is planned to run for three years, and is targeting a return of 3-4x investment, and is seeking to raise $50m.

Shield is a strategic adviser and incubator to many of the UK’s leading technology faculties, including the Imperial College, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester Universities. It is also a strategic adviser to the £270m National Quantum Technologies Programme at the University of Birmingham.

Peter Schwabach, Shield managing partner, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker and one of the UK’s leading infrastructure funders, said: “One thing all of us can finally agree on – governments, banks, industry, commerce and investors alike – is that Blockchain is here to stay.

“It enables faster, cheaper transactions. It creates permanent undeniable records. It is revolutionising the way that we buy goods and services. It is behind Machine Learning, Big Data, driverless cars, robots and the gaming industries. It is being used for land registry, for registering high quality diamonds. It is fast becoming a crucial part of every industry. Which is why it’s described as the 4th Industrial Revolution. And why we have created the Blockchain Infrastructure Fund.”

Shield’s managers have together over 75 years of management experience in VC, private equity and energy infrastructure.


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