Chinese Relations With Europe Under Spotlight

by | Apr 17, 2020

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The Coronavirus has proved a profound international crisis. The Chinese economy has fallen 6.8% in the first quarter of 2020. With European economies realing future relations with China comes under the spotlight.

Today on Twitter one issue has overshadowed the rest, the future of Chinese and Western relations, and the financial implications.

Foreign Secretary Domic Raab said on Thrusday the international community must investigate the origins of the global Pandemic. Stating it won’t be “business as usual.”


@hk_watch, a pressure group, hailed the decision. The same article was Tweeted by bloomberg @Business and has solicited very interesting comments too.


The significance of yesterday’s announcement crystalised in the early hours of the morning. China faces a historic economic slowdown.

Follow the FT’s coverage and the comments to stay up to date on the story.


Earlier today Macron came out in defence of European handling of the Coronavirus crisis. Macron didn’t shy away from scrutinising the handling of coronaivrus in China.

Macron draws battle lines on European debt relief rift, directly opposing Germany.


Finally, in case you are not convinced of the gravity of the problems the globe faces, Martine Wolf spells them out.


The stories today reflect a larger developing narrative that will come to shape finance of the future.

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