Committed Capital Growth EIS Fund

In the run-up to TYE 2020, we take a look at a few EIS funds which you may find of interest

Committed Capital is an investment management and corporate advisory business founded in 2001.

They focus on maximizing growth in companies with the injection of human capital to assist leading entrepreneurs develop their business to its full potential.

The Committed Capital EIS Growth Fund is a managed portfolio service for individuals seeking a portfolio of tax-efficient investments.

The Fund invests in UK-based smaller companies, one of the most dynamic and potentially highest returning sectors of the market, and a core area of expertise at Committed Capital.

Committed Capital aim to deliver strong returns irrespective of any tax benefits through the EIS structure.

Target investees are post-revenue (£1m+), growth stage UK based technology companies across a number of sectors. Companies must have multiple client contracts in place, solid pipeline of sales, proven management and robust and demonstratable growth strategy.

To ensure diversification, investors will have between 8-12 companies in their portfolio with HMRC advance assurance in place.

All funds can be deployed this TYE if deposited by March 31st* with a target return of 2-3x ROI**.

There is an investment threshold of a minimum £15,000.

Track record

Since 2001 the team have achieved an average 2.4x ROI** with an average holding period of 4 years.

The funds have deployed £48m (as at January 2020), had two profitable partial exits and most recently a whole exit that completed on 31 July 2019 with a 2.71x ROI**.

Outside the current funds, Committed Capital has deployed £36.8m across 18 other EIS qualifying companies and has exited all of these achieving 17 profitable exits with just 1 partial failure.

* – (across a portfolio of 4-5 companies) ** – (excluding any tax reliefs)

You can request an Information Memorandum here, or contact Committed Capital via:

T: 020 7529 1365

E: glen.stewart@committedcapital.co.uk

W: www.committedcapital.co.uk

For more information about Committed Capital click here

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