EIS and SEIS: what does the future hold?

by | Nov 24, 2022

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As we near peak tax year end season and clients are looking for efficient solutions, we are delighted to invite you to attend our upcoming webinar in the EIS and SEIS space.

Join us on Thursday 8th December for an in-depth discussion of the advantages for IFAs and their clients of using the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

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We will be joined by a panel of expert speakers including:

• Jeffrey Faustin, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Jenson Funding Partners

• Brian Moretta, Head of Tax-Enhanced Research at Hardman & Co

Some of the general discussion questions will include:

• How is the economic situation affecting the VC industry and your portfolio companies in general?

• What is the importance of the extension of the Sunset Clause and increase in SEIS Limits for portfolio companies?

• How does availability of dealflow and ability to deploy within a tax year enable carry-back relief?

• Why is venture capital a separate asset class? • How much should investors be allocating towards venture capital investments?

• In what ways does the psychology of venture capital investing differ from other assets?

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This webinar is for Financial Professionals only. CPD certifiable.

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