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Advisers and planners are invited to participate in this webinar at 4pm, Tuesday 20th October. It is the latest in a webinar series produced by the group.

It will look at how Mercia’s funds leverage each other – EIS, VCT, and MEIF.

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It’ll be an informative session designed to help you to understand how Mercia uses different funds to support small companies through their growth stages.

This conversational webinar will provide an overview of a small number of the Mercia funds, which work together to form part of Mercia’s Complete Connected Capital strategy.

Overall, this webinar series has been focused on Mercia’s range of EIS funds, but also the Northern VCTs which joined the Mercia group in December 2019.

The investment stage and sector of the Mercia EIS and the Northern VCT overlap, and they have invested in the same company previously, and this will certainly increase in the future.

The Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) is a government-funded (via the British Business Bank) proof of concept fund that makes earlier stage investments in Midlands-based companies. A large number of the MEIF investments are alongside the EIS fund, and recently Mercia have successfully leveraged the Future Fund to invest in MEIF/EIS co-investments.

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