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Company Overview:

Committed Capital is an investment management and corporate advisory business that was founded on the basis that growth stage businesses need management support as well as cash to realise their plans.

We invest in UK based high growth technology companies with the primary objective of creating attractive returns for investors through the careful selection of potential companies, excellence in corporate finance skills and active support of companies.

Committed Capital has been investing in EIS qualifying companies since 2001. In that time we have made multiple investment rounds across 33 companies, made 19 exits and 2 partial exits. Out of those exits we have realised just 1 partial failure, and have delivered an average 2.35x ROI (excluding tax reliefs).

We believe our track record is down to the depth and breadth of our rigorous due diligence and also the emphasis we place on human capital noted below.

Key Personnel:


Steve Harris, CEO
Steven has over 30 years experience in corporate finance and venture capital. Initially a corporate financier at HSBC, Steve became a Director of Corporate Finance at Société Générale and later, Head of M&A at PA Consulting. Steve holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA Hons in Modern History from UCL.




Tim Steel, Chairman
Tim has over 40 years of experience in venture capital. Tim was Vice Chairman of Cazenove until early 2010. Tim joined Cazenove in 1980 from Robert Fleming and became a partner in 1982. He was appointed Managing Director of Cazenove Fund Management in 2000, then became Chairman in 2001, and was appointed to the main Board.



Simon Sharp, Investment Manager
Simon is a Chartered Accountant and member of the CISI and previously worked in corporate finance at Kingston Smith, where he advised SMEs across a multiple sectors including technology, healthcare and real estate. Simon has expertise in financial modelling, due diligence and business valuations. Simon holds a BSc degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick.


Glen Stewart, Head of Intermediated Capital Raising

Glen is a tax adviser and previously worked at Coopers & Lybrand, PwC and Deloitte specialising in High Net Worth, Expatriate tax and cross border advice. Glen has 14 years’ experience raising capital for businesses in partnership with financial advisers and accountants utilising tax efficient investment wrappers such as EIS and VCT.


Investment Strategy

In analysing potential investee businesses, investments are selected based on the following criteria:

• Dynamic Market – fast growing addressable market with low competitive intensity

• Well-Positioned Company – strong management team, robust forecasts for rapid growth over the investment period and clear exit potential

• In-Demand Product – fully developed product or service, addressing a clear market need, with a sustainable technology-based competitive advantage

• Post Revenue – already generating significant sales (typically in excess of £1m annually)

• Investor Protections – a significant minority (often 20-40%) of the equity sought, a board seat and typical shareholder rights required.


Track record: Since 2001 we have made multiple investment rounds across 33 EIS qualifying companies, made 19 exits and 2 partial exits. Out of those exits we have realised just 1 partial failure and have delivered an average 2.35x ROI (excluding tax reliefs) against a target return of 2-3x ROI (excluding tax reliefs).

Depth, breadth and transparency of due diligence: We are entirely transparent with regards our due diligence and if advisers and/or their investors wish to see this, we are very happy to run though this with them.

Our due diligence process comprises a review of the investee company’s management, the operating market, competitive position, market dynamics, opportunities and risks facing the business, interviews with customers and suppliers. We also build and review financial models, and undertake a valuation exercise using different methodologies including, comparable companies, discounted cash flow, comparable transactions and venture capital methodology.

Hands-on investing: Our investment methodology is focused on maximizing and accelerating growth in portfolio companies with the injection of human capital in conjunction with cash to assist leading entrepreneurs develop their business to its full potential.

The importance of human capital cannot be underestimated. A company can have a world class product or service, have first mover advantage and distinct USP’s but without a cohesive management team and a clearly defined sales and marketing strategy, the company will not achieve its potential.

Key Services And Funds

The Committed Capital Growth EIS Fund is an evergreen fund focusing on UK based growth stage tech companies. Investors subscriptions are deployed in 8-12 investee companies within 12 months of investing with no more than 10-15% of their subscription being invested into any investee company.


Phone: 020 7529 1365
Email: glen.stewart@committedcapital.co.uk
Website: www.committedcapital.co.uk

For more information on Committed Capital click here 

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