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Company Overview:

A portfolio of Inheritance Tax Services Stellar Asset Management is an experienced manager of investments which seek to provide 100% relief from Inheritance Tax after two years. Their portfolio services offer investors exceptional diversification and choice across asset class areas that provide a high level of security.

Both their chairman and CEO have been at the forefront of tax-efficient investment in the UK since the early 1990s, when they first established Close Brothers Investment Limited. They quickly became market leaders in the creation, promotion and management of tax planning products for private investors.

In 2007, they formed Stellar Asset Management, where they have continued to develop innovative and robust services that are underpinned by longstanding government legislation with emphasis on the mitigation of inheritance tax.

Key Personnel Or Fund Manager

Jonathan Gain
Chief Investment Officer and CEO

Jonathan has been involved in financial services since 1993 when he graduated from Bournemouth University with a BA (Hons) in Accountancy.

He joined the then newly formed Close Brothers Investment Limited in 1993 and was appointed Finance Director just five years later.

Jonathan established Stellar Asset Management in 2007 and drawing on his wide-ranging experience has created a business which is focused on estate planning and which offers investors maximum choice and diversification across a wide number of sectors.
Jonathan is chief executive and the majority shareholder.

Craig Reader

Craig’s career started at Thornton and Baker, which later became Grant Thornton where he trained as a Chartered accountant. He joined Chancery PLC in 1985 and quickly became a leading figure in the development and promotion
of Business Expansion Schemes.

In 1991 he set up Close Brothers Investment Limited (part of Close Brothers Group Plc) to specialise in tax planning products and grew the division to £3.5bn FUM over 15 years, with innovative products in such as EZTs, VCT, Film Schemes, EIS and sectors of the property market including the UK’s first property ISA.

In his role as Chairman, Craig draws on his extensive investment and tax experience to guide the direction of the company and oversee the Investment Committee’s process.

Matthew Steiner
Corporate Director

Matthew has worked in the financial services industry since he graduated from Kingston University in 1997.

Immediately after university, he trained as a financial adviser and spent two years advising private investors before joining Close Brothers Investment Limited in January 2000, where he became Business Development Manager. His experience from this role includes a wide knowledge of property investment funds and tax efficient products.

After a short sabbatical in Nepal, he undertook consultancy roles within boutique tax and property investment companies before joining Stellar as a director and shareholder in 2012.

Matthew has been instrumental in the development of Stellar’s estate planning services and is the driving force behind Stellar ICENI.

Unique Selling Points:

Stellar is a specialist manager focused on Inheritance Tax and estate planning services that use Business Relief. Each of Stellar’s services is designed to provide investors with full control and access to their capital throughout their lifetime and achieve relief from Inheritance Tax after two years.

Their portfolios are designed to provide Inheritance tax freedom for individuals and business owners and to create a legacy for the next generation.

Key features

• Wide range of diversified services for adviser to choose from

• Impressive track record of delivering real returns

• Transparent robust structures

• Choice of growth or (distributed) income strategies

• Uncapped upside

• Low fees

• Our award-winning service, Stellar ICENI supports financial advisers in delivering a more holistic business offering (see below)

Business Activities:

In addition to AiM, Stellar offers investors access to a wide range of business relief qualifying, asset backed investments. They continually source and develop new sectors to ensure that investors benefit from exceptional diversification in business activities that provide investors with a high level of security. Examples include:

• Hotel Management

• Commercial Forestry

• Care Home Management

• Residential and Commercial Property Development

• Golf Course Management

• Commercial Farming

• Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind)

• Bridging Finance

Stellar Iceni

Stellar ICENI is an award-winning service for financial advisers that combines specialist investment management with the key professional services to maximise estate planning opportunities.

Over the next 30 years it is estimated that £5.5 trillion will pass between the generations in the UK, representing the greatest transfer of wealth in history. It presents an undoubted and unrivalled opportunity for advisers, not only to engage with their clients on the subject of estate planning and tax-efficiency, but to unlock more business and advise the next generation with their newly received inheritance.

Stellar ICENI combines specialist investment management with the core advice disciplines necessary for effective inter-generational wealth transfer. Stellar is running a series of free seminars where you can meet experts in the following disciplines:

• Legal and estate planning

• Investment management

• Tax advisory

• Estate administration

Stellar ICENI brings together expertise that advisers can rely upon, providing the support you need to offer a market leading service to your clients and unlock the full potential of their estate planning requirements.

Register for events at www.stellar-am.com/events

Phone: 020 3907 6985

Email: enquiries@stellar-am.com

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