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The latest supplement from IFA Magazine takes a close look at ETFs.

The IFA Magazine team were invited to host a special ETF Round Table in partnership with colleagues at Inside ETFs at their European Conference in London in October 2017.

Inside ETFs Director of Audience Development Conor Ó hAonghusa introduced this special supplement, commenting: “2017 was a record year for ETF inflows globally with ETF assets exceeding $600 billion and marking the 4th year of record inflows. As ETFs become a more important part of the investment landscape so too does ETF education. Inside ETFs has been at the heart of ETF education for over a decade and our first London event in October 2017 saw over 600 financial professionals gather to hear world-leading experts discuss the key issues facing financial advisers today. Our aim is to help simplify this fast emerging investment strategy, bringing new investment solutions to our audience and helping answer their questions/concerns.

“Having established an open line of communication with UK financial advisers 4 years ago, we have witnessed the evolution of ETF awareness in the UK. The ¨ET what … ?¨ (literally the most common response to our approach offering ETF education in 2014) of early interactions has been replaced by a clear knowledge that ETFs exist and that they are likely to become an important tool for investors.

“However, we found that ETF issuers were not communicating effectively with financial advisers. There was a disconnect in what issuers were saying and advisers wanted to know. Before getting to product specifics, most advisers really wanted to get back to the basics of accessibility, understanding and trust. Facilitating a round table discussion where representatives of both sides could begin to listen to each other’s concerns was an initiative we wanted to work and partnering with IFA Magazine was an obvious choice in order to make the session available to the broader adviser community given the importance of the messages.”

A series of insightful articles examined key developments and questions, including:

  • $5 Trillion, Here We Come (ETFs have many advantages but with high stock market valuations the rise of passive vehicles does not come without some concerns);
  • How Passive Funds are Helping Social Investing Grow (Investor demand means there is a growing number of ethical ETFs on offer);
  • How Investment is Being Democratised;
  • Why Advisers Need to Get on Board (The UK market is lagging the US in terms of ETF take-up but advisers will need to take heed of this fast-growing sector).

Take a look at the supplement now.


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