Every day activities cause a rise in claims as the UK returns to normality, with accidents in the home topping the list

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash.

Claims data from MetLife UK reveals the leading cause of adult broken bones claims paid last quarter saw falls at home topped the list for one in seven (15%) adults, followed by team sports such as rugby and football for 13% of people. Road traffic collisions saw one in ten (10%) adults breaking a bone. And almost the same number (9%) saw a broken bone injury from cycling. Today’s claims figures reveal that accidents really can happen anywhere and when carrying out everyday activities.

Interestingly, almost one in ten (9%) adults experienced a broken bone injury whilst at work. The claims data comes as consumer research from MetLife found that a quarter (25%) say there is an associated risk of potential injury in their line of work. Despite this, 16% of UK adults also admitted they have previously needed financial protection but didn’t have a policy in place which they later regretted.

Stuart Lewis, Head of Claims at MetLife, comments: “Accidents can easily happen, and at any time. Our data shows that injuries can occur at home, the workplace, during the daily commute through to socialising and playing sports. We’ve already seen a big increase in claims across the business in Q4 and 2021. And we expect this to continue now that Covid restrictions have been lifted altogether and the return to day-to-day activities resume in much greater volumes.

“Our claims statistics demonstrate the real value our policies can provide and show that our customers and their families will be supported when they need it most, whether that’s following an accident playing football, falling at home or even when driving to work.

“While the unexpected may always happen, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we’re there for them and their family should the unexpected happen as they go about their daily lives.”

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