EY credibility comes into question yet again..

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One of the UK’s ‘big four’ accountancy firms, EY, is embroiled in yet another dreadful audit performance. The FT also reveal ex-CEO of Wirecard, Markus Braun, took out a €35m short term loan in the final months of troubled payment group’s operations.

EY gave NMC Health, a FTSE 100 company involved in a $4bn fraud case, the all-clear Tabby Kinder reveals.

Another company EY audited, Wirecard, has a new development.

The FT doesn’t ease up on ‘big four’ criticism.

This thread covers new labour market data in detail, check it out.


In Westminster, Chris Grayling won’t be the new chair of the Intelligence Committee. Henry Mance writes the tweet of the day.

Apple beats out the EU, as a €13bn tax bill thrown out.

And finally, is the jocular Dutch PM the new bad guy of the European Union?

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