Financial Planners unite in inspirational support of Ukrainian Refugees: IFA Talk podcast #16

by | Oct 5, 2022

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Back in the summer months, the IFA Magazine team were completely bowled over when we received this blog from financial planners Shannon Currie and Phil Billingham of Perceptive Planning along with David Crozier of Navigator Financial Planning.

Why did it hit us so hard?

It explained how they’d been working together to offer what support they could to Ukrainian refugees suffering such extreme hardship as a result of Putin’s invasion. But the three planners really were going the extra mile – quite literally.

Making a difference – big time


So, for this week’s edition of IFA Talk, Sue and Bex have been talking to Shannon, Phil and David to find out exactly what they’ve been doing – and why. It’s a very emotional and powerful conversation which we’re sure you’ll want to hear.

In it, the three planners talk not only about the trips they have made personally out to Poland and Moldova in support of refugees, but about what really is happening on the ground over there. This is such a powerful story and one which we feel extremely privileged to be able to share with IFA Talk listeners.

Listen to the IFA Talk Podcast conversation with Shannon, Phil and David HERE:


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How can you help?

Should members of the financial planning community feel able to help, Shannon, Phil and David are not only continuing -but also intensifying -their support for this laudable campaign right NOW and would really welcome your help.

As Shannon, Phil and David explain in the podcast, there are many ways you can lend them your support as they attempt to harness the power of the incredible financial planning community in a very different way – and one which they know can make such a difference to people who are still in such extreme need.


Ways you can help are:

1.  Donate to support Shannon, Phil and David’s campaign using this link or visit the website with this URL: 

2. Help Phil, David and Shannon to source wheelchairs, walking aids and so forth – please contact them. As they say, every little helps.

3. Go to Moldova and see what they are doing, spend money in the economy, volunteer, help in some way


4. Find other ways to support those who are needing the support – there are other routes

As the three planners make quite clear, there is no one right way – all paths are valid. But there is work to be done and we can all do something. Our thanks to Shannon, Phil and David not just for the inspirational and valuable work they are doing, but for sharing their story with us too.

Contact details are Phil Billingham on 07778709613 or David Crozier on 079 6814 2532 or


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