Follow on Fund – join Haatch at the upcoming webinar

Register now and join us for an in – depth discussion of Follow-on Funds in the EIS world – what these funds are, what they offer, how they minimise risk, and what return investors can expect from such a fund.

Follow on Fund – your invitation

Wednesday 17th November, 10:00-11:30 am

The discussion will be chaired by Martin Fox, a marketing representative at Bulletin with over 40 years of experience in the financial sector.

Click here to register, to join Fred Soneya, Co-Founder and Partner at Haatch Ventures.

Fred Soneya, Co-founder & Partner

Having co-founded Haatch in 2013, Fred supports the investment process end to end and works with portfolio businesses in advisory and board roles.

Previously Fred was responsible for a number of high-profile, large-scale innovation projects across Kiddicare.com and, post-acquisition, Morrisons.

Fred created award-winning digital customer experiences bridging the online-offline gap at Morrisons. This included the launch of browse and order points, mobile payments and electronic shelf-edge labels powered by early-stage technology companies. To achieve this Fred worked with cutting-edge, early-stage technology start-ups to integrate and piece together award-winning customer experiences.

Register here to hear Fred discuss the following in relation to Follow on Funds:

What is a follow-on fund?

How is a follow on fund a good way of de-risking an EIS investment?

What sort of returns are you targeting from the FOF….and is it different from your other funds, which are      earlier stage?

What impact does a follow on investment have on valuations?

Click here to register for the Follow on Fund webinar 

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