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The growing importance of the EIS market

The EIS market is growing in importance in both investment and financial planning. It is a vital vehicle in the government’s strategy to attract investment into exciting young companies, that will create jobs and generate taxes. In fact EIS was called an ‘outstanding success’ in the Conservative Election manifesto of 2019. And following the pandemic, the need for EIS support for ambitious young companies has never been greater. Many of these businesses will have the potential to generate outstanding returns for investors. While past performance is no guarantee of future success, as the market has matured more managers are demonstrating the ability to deliver returns of 2 or 3 times on the money invested.

The value of EIS in financial planning

There is general agreement that after the Government’s bail-out from the impact of Covid-19, that taxes must rise. As they do it is likely that EIS will become even more valuable in providing relief against Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

There was also the announcement in the latest Budget that the cap on the Pensions Allowance will be frozen for several years to come. This will impact more and more people, and EIS is a natural tax enhanced alternative for investing for the future.

Managing the risks

Of course there are risks associated with early stage, rapidly growing companies. That is why the government offers such generous tax reliefs, for both EIS and SEIS schemes.

It is also important to realise that failure of some companies within a fund is not the end of the world. Not only is there ‘loss relief’ if a company fails, which softens the blow, but it is important to look at the returns of the portfolio as a whole. The success of only a handful of companies can make the overall return in the long term very profitable.

But there are other ways that an adviser can manage the risks involved, and one of these is the use of independent reviews

The importance of the right review

Independent reviews have become increasingly important in the whole process of due diligence and compliance checking of EIS providers. That is why it is so important to choose the right reviewer – one that understands not just the products, but also the market and business context that they operate in.

The Hardman difference

The Hardman reviews are uniquely different from any others in the market, for 3 important reasons.

1. Hardman & Co has been reviewing companies and funds for well over 20 years. There really is no substitute for this depth of experience.

2. The depth of expertise is unrivalled, with reviews supported by a team of 15 expert analysts that cover all market sectors. This means that we can give real insight into market trends, and the context of the investments made.

3. The Hardman EIS reviews are free to advisers.

Once you sign up to receive the reviews you will not just receive the reviews, but also updates as they occur, so that you always have relevant reviews available at your finger tips

Who should sign up for the reviews?

Simply, anyone with an interest in EIS. If you subscribe to other reviewers, the Hardman approach will give you a refreshing and distinctive alternative view.

If you are only occasionally recommending EIS funds to your clients, this gives you a nil cost means to receiving high quality reviews.

And if you are new to offering EIS funds to your clients, you now have access to high quality reviews without the need to sign up to a subscription service.

Sign up now for your regular FREE EIS reviews.

To sign up for your free reviews, you can register here or email your contact details to Richard Angus at ra@hardmanandco.com

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