GBI Yearbook | 2020

So here it is at last – 2020’s GBI Yearbook. It’s a little later than we hoped, but the last few weeks have been a trifle turbulent (ask Sajid Javid) and what with General Elections and Brexits, publishing schedules have rather gone out of the window.

The Yearbook is intended to be the adviser’s go-to source of information about tax-efficient investments, and I think this edition proves that despite all the recent economic uncertainties, UK entrepreneurs are as ambitious and innovative as they ever have been.

The EIS/SEIS space has had some exciting tales to tell in the last year, and as a number of Round Table sessions during 2019 have shown, advisers’ understanding of the schemes is improving day by day, while the capital providers are working harder to explain precisely what it is they do and how it can benefit investors at every level.

VCTs continue to prosper, while BR, SITR and ESG are moving centre stage as tax-efficient options; there are also some very welcome estate planning initiatives to help advisers, their clients and their clients’ children make the most of the coming ‘Inheritance Economy’.

Throughout the year you’ll find updates on all these markets as and when they happen on the GBI website, as well as in GBI Magazine; we’re also always very receptive to initiate debates that you feel need to happen.

You can also use our Open Offers platform to investigate direct investment options.

I hope you find this GBI Yearbook useful as a thought leaders’ forum throughout the rest of what will, I trust, be a hugely successful and prosperous 2020.

From all of us at GBI Magazine & Yearbook,

With best wishes,

Alex Sullivan
Managing Partner

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