Generation ‘Baby Zoomers’ as over 50s now more tech savvy post-lockdown

45% of over 65s are using tech more than ever since the pandemic, research reveals.

Research by Hodge found 65% of over 50s are using technology more than they ever have, with almost half feeing they’re a lot more confident with their IT skills since the pandemic.

A new survey commissioned by Hodge shows the nation’s over 50s adapted well to digital get togethers when lockdown restrictions deprived them of face-to-face meet-ups. While those aged 65 and over also embraced technology to chat to family and friends.

More than half (53% of over 50s used virtual platforms like Zoom, Teams and Google Meetups to keep in touch with loved ones, with 29% still using them a few times a week to keep connected – and one in ten still using these every day. Nearly a quarter (24%) of over 65s used these digital meet up technology a few times a week, with 4% using them every day.

Keeping in touch with family and friends was the main reason for those over 50 to to log on (83%) followed by work (26%). However, despite little previous experience, Hodge’s research also found 44% felt comfortable immediately or within one meeting, even though 65% had never used the likes of Zoom and Teams before the pandemic.

And it seems that the necessity of having to use digital communication platforms to socialise has helped some take up tech, as nearly two thirds (58%) of those aged 65 and over say they now use technology more as a result of the pandemic.

Hodge commissioned the research to find out more about how the over 50s feel about their finances, family and lifestyles now, compared to pre-pandemic. It questioned more than 700 people over the age of 50, consisting of 200 Hodge customers and a further 500 consumers.

The study also shows very little difference between genders when it comes to logging on and video-conferencing. Both men and women embraced virtual meetings, with 54% of men and 53% of women taking part in family video chats online.

Emma Graham, business development director for Hodge Bank, said: “It’s so encouraging to see more and more people adapting to a more virtual life online. The pandemic forced so many to have to stay apart from their families for so long and the research shows the over-50s embraced these new ways of socialising, and, not only that, continue to do so with confidence.

“Our over 50s have a much younger attitude to life than previous generations and our research has shown that they’re more than willing to embrace new things in life. From getting online to chat to family, to releasing money from their finances and even banking and saving online. Technology enables all these things to happen much easier and the pandemic has led many over 50s to have to learn and welcome these new ways of living.”

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