Ground Control to Major IFA: First Advisor Into Space

by | Apr 1, 2016

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International Space Station

One of the UK’s largest IFA firms is planning to put an advisor onto the International Space Station.

Rumours have reached the IFA Magazine office that plans are well advanced to launch a professional adviser into space, sometime this year. It’s believed they will join the orbiting space station for up to six months.

The firm, which was not named by the source of the information, intends to use the time at the station to experiment on ways to give advice in space and offer pension plans to the astronauts already in-situ.

The source revealed: “The idea is to see how difficult, or easy, it is to provide proper financial advice in a weightless scenario, to a very captive audience. The bigger picture is not just the space station of course, but planned communities on the Moon and future trips to Mars. Any firm which gets in early, could have the early space market sown-up.”

The space market for IFAs is estimated by one leading research company to be worth in excess of £3bn.

An industry observer added: “There have been rumours that much advice has been given by space cadets for some time.”

British astronaut Tim Peake was unavailable for comment.

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