Hargreaves Backs BREXIT

by | Mar 18, 2016

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Brown Shipley

The co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown has come out in favour of BREXIT.

Peter Hargreaves told BBC’s Today programme that the “unknown” factor of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU could stimulate the country, providing it with a fresh start.

Peter Hargreaves

Peter Hargreaves

He said on the programme: “I’m firmly convinced, that day – hopefully – we decide to leave, that little bit of insecurity, that little bit of unknown will be an absolute fillip to everyone…It will be a great incentive for us to go out and prove that it’s right.

“When Singapore became independent from Malaysia, that little insecurity that they were no longer part of Malaysia, it was an inspiration…I honestly think that would be good for us too.”

Hargreaves emphasized that he was not speaking on behalf of the Hargreaves Lansdown,  but was expressing his own opinion.

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