Heartwood launches two new ethical global multi asset strategies

by | Sep 14, 2016

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Two new ethical multi-asset investment strategies have been launched by Heartwood Investment Management.

Both the Ethical Balanced and Ethical Growth strategies have risk/return profiles that are aligned with the firm’s total return balanced and growth investment strategies. But, they implemented using investments that meet appropriate ethical criteria.

An integrated approach lies at the heart of the ethical strategies, which incorporate both negative screening to avoid exposure to socially harmful activities, and a positive overlay to create tilt towards investments with a clear social, or environmental benefit. Activities screened out of the portfolios include tobacco, weapons manufacturing, gambling, alcohol and pornography.


Benjamin Matthews is the manager and he is supported by the investment team which has a collective approach to strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation and risk management.

Head of Heartwood Investment Management Noland Carter said: “Clients across the board are increasingly looking to have portfolios managed in a way that is aligned with their values and ethical concerns. With these globally diversified ethical strategies, clients will benefit from Heartwood’s expertise in building and managing multi asset portfolios, but will also be able ensure their investments have a positive social impact. We believe this approach is attractive to a wide range of private investors, charities, trusts and institutions.”

Head of Investment Product at Heartwood Investment Management Matt Hollier said: “Heartwood has wanted to offer ethical investment options to our clients for a significant period and have conducted substantial research in this area. Our belief is that we are now at a point where there is a sufficient range of high quality ethical investment instruments such that we can build high quality global multi asset portfolios that can deliver appropriate returns to our clients.”


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