Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: IFA Magazine partners with Newspage to give every IFA and financial services professional a voice in the media

How would you like to see you and your company quoted in the national media such as The Times, Telegraph or BBC, or feature as a financial services expert on radio or TV? IFA Magazine is pleased to announce it has partnered with the world’s first free PR platform, Newspage, to help make that happen for our readers.

Newspage, which launched last year, is taking the media by storm and has already secured thousands of pieces of media coverage for financial advisers, wealth managers, mortgage brokers and other financial services professionals in the local and national media.

You can join Newspage for free and never pay a penny for life, which is absolutely fine, or you can pay the Premium subscription with an exclusive discount for our readers and subscribers.

The benefits of the Premium subscription include unlimited responses to Newspage’s regular quick comment News Alerts about breaking and upcoming financial services stories, and to direct requests from local and national journalists seeking expert views. Premium subscribers also get their responses edited by an experienced journalist to make sure they’re as punchy as possible.

Premium users also get free ‘NewsScores’ on stories they add to the Newspage platform, which is monitored by a growing number of journalists around the UK. Basically, a journalist will tell you how strong your story is, or how it could be improved to make it work.

Newspage Premium costs just £19.99 a month (incl. VAT) but if you use the discount code — IFAMAG22 — you’ll get 25% off for a year. And you can cancel at any time and downgrade to the free plan.

So why create a Newspage? Getting your company featured in the local and national media is a great way to create all-important trust, credibility and brand awareness, as well as generate more traffic to your websites and – the important bit – new clients. There’s also a chance of picking up backlinks from major news websites, which are the holy grail of SEO.

Two ’Newspagers’ who have been quoted extensively in the media since creating their Newspage are chartered financial planner, Joshua Gerstler of The Orchard Practice, and Lewis Shaw of Shaw Financial Services. Here’s what Lewis has to say about Newspage and here’s the verdict of Joshua.

Dominic Hiatt, the founder of Newspage, used to be a financial journalist himself, which is why financial services is one of the sectors Newspage has focused on heavily since the start. He says: “We created Newspage to give everyone the chance to be featured in the mainstream media, not just companies who can afford PR agencies. Since we launched, local and national journalists have loved the new voices we’re giving them.”

To create your own Newspage, which takes just a minute or two, click here. Be sure to add yourself as an expert and insert as many tags as you can, e.g. ‘financial advice’, ‘financial planner’, ‘pensions’, ‘mortgages’, ‘wealth management’ and ‘ISAs’. That way you’ll never miss out on a media opportunity that’s relevant to you.

Go for it now! What have you got to lose?


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