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How to build a digital adviser. Part 1: your website

It’s April 2020. It’s a great time for reflection. To pause for thought. But is there something you’ve forgotten? Something nagging away at you? Something that has the potential to be of huge value to your business (if it’s well looked after)?

Yep, it’s your website.

Your website is the public representation of your business. But it’s also a potentially powerful member of your team. It’s the ‘on’ version of you, awake when you’re asleep, putting in the early morning shift, the day shift, and back again in the evening, without even stopping for a 5-minute fag break.

It never gets tired, is never off sick, and never asks for a pay rise.

It’s the perfect team player.

Or it could be, if you let it.

So why aren’t you?

Why is it so neglected? Why is it lurking about in the corner, probably stealing the stationery because it thinks no one’s looking, and potentially costing you money?

Forgive me, I’m playing devils’ advocate here.

You may have a fully functioning site that’s the life and soul of the party, articulating who you are, what you do and how you can help. Reassuring people who are checking you out through referrals, and spreading your reach so you can attract prospects to it. And converting those people into clients.

Give that website a promotion.

But if it’s not then we need to talk.

Because a good website is the backbone of your business.

But it doesn’t have to have tonnes of pages or anything fancy, it just has to have the basics right. Most financial services websites I come across aren’t right at all.

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