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How to build a digital adviser. Part 2: emails

That’s why we get so many of the things

But I’m not recommending you send the bland annoying, ones – the ones you get from all and sundry just because you once bought a washing machine or visited Centreparcs. The reason these are annoying is because they’re templated, sent on mass and therefore feel highly irrelevant. This does not an engaging email make.

I mean genuinely through provoking, useful, high-quality information, but with personality and character – in short, a digital version of you. Email gives you an opportunity to show up once a week or once a month right in front of your client, without having to spend 3 hours on the M25. It’s a serious contender if you’re looking to make efficiencies to the way you do business.

And now is the right time to start this if you haven’t already, or to step up what you’re currently doing. Why?

  1. You have a captive audience

Because of lockdown, we’re spending more time at home and more time online. But there’s a lot of dross out there. Clients are hungry for information that’s relevant to them, and for someone who can help them to make sense of it all. If you can get the tone and content right, they’ll thank you for providing reassurance and a light amid the fog – especially during these unprecedented times…

  1. We’re living in unprecedented times

BC of ‘before Covid-19’ starting an email newsletter out of the blue might have been viewed with suspicion, or have been seen as unwelcome. I don’t wish to sound insensitive and or opportunistic, but you might not have as clear a reason, (market volatility, unprecedented times etc) in the future (let’s hope not) to start communicating with your clients so regularly.

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