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How to get the most out of your introducers, today

As financial advice and planning businesses adapt to the demands of remote working, are there some golden nuggets which can be applied to working with introducers? Faith Liversedge has some clever ideas which you can use and which will also help you to build greater client rapport into the bargain

While it’s great to see many financial planning and advisory firms thriving during the pandemic, it’s no secret that many have found the traditional channels for lead generation much less effective than normal.

Today, I want to focus on introducers. How can you make the most out of these relationships right now?

I’m going to start by letting you into a secret… While the formula I’m going to outline here is what I recommend for the majority of my financial planning and adviser clients, it’s also to a large extent how I’ve built up and scaled my agency.

And it can all be done remotely, which is great news for the future. Especially since the vast majority of advisers agree that this way of working is here to stay.

So, let’s get to the good stuff.

The magic introducer formula

The method I’m going to propose to get the most out of your introducer relationships is simple: hold virtual events and follow up properly.

Let me explain.

Holding virtual events, like live webinars, for your clients and introducer connections, gives you a fantastic platform to present yourself and your firm, and capture potential prospects’ information.

Let’s give an example. Perhaps there’s a local accountancy firm you have a connection with. You have a list of clients and they also have a list of clients. Bingo, we have an audience – proceed to step two.

Next, create a co-branded, educational webinar both for their clients and yours.

This could be something topical like: ESG investing, the impact of IR35 rules or just a general topic of interest to both you and your introducer’s clients.

Creating a co-branded webinar allows both you and your introducer to provide your unique perspectives and value to the audience. Crucially, however, it puts you in front of their clients, and them yours, it’s completely mutually beneficial.

Now this sort of webinar shouldn’t be a sales pitch. Think of it as an opportunity to provide genuine value to your introducer’s clients and – of course – to your own existing clients. Your existing clients will no doubt appreciate the time and effort you’ve given to providing them with this information. It’s also an excellent demonstration that you’re providing consistent value to your clients, but that’s by-the-by.

The call to action

Towards the end of the webinar, having a clear and concise call to action is key.

Something like a ‘free financial health check’ or 30-minute complimentary consultation via video call is a great place to start, but whatever fits the topic and is personal will work well.

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