iM Global Partner creates a donations fund focused on youth

By Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

iM Global Partner is pleased to announce it has created the non-profit philanthropic endowment fund, iMGP Donations Fund. The primary objectives of the iMGP Donations Fund are the protection of youth and the support of educational, cultural and scientific initiatives aimed at young people, regardless of the country in which the group operates.

At iM Global Partner we believe youth is the spearhead of a society. However, these citizens, in the process of construction, are often a vulnerable part of the population and particularly exposed. Young people are the first victims of unemployment or precariousness. iMGP Donations Fund allows iM Global Partner to intensify the impact of its philanthropic policy to support youth. The ambition of iM Global Partner is to participate in ensuring the future of young people, their social integration and their development in an increasingly complex world.

For many young people, defining a career path is sometimes complicated and a source of uncertainty. iM Global Partner is committed to supporting young graduates or those in the process of obtaining their diplomas by offering numerous internships and work-study contracts with real added value each year, allowing for mutual enrichment.

Youth engagement is a growing theme for sustainability. The United Nations has said that addressing ageism and fostering collaboration across all age groups is needed to advance the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. We are convinced that the best way to achieve sustainable success is to create shared value in this way. Through iMGP Donations Fund, we combine positive social impact and growth by connecting the company to a meaningful mission.

Philippe Couvrecelle, CEO and Founder of iM Global Partner said: “In 2020 we decided to commit ourselves to the future of youth. Since then, we have put in place a number of changes to support and encourage young people – both staff and philanthropic organisations. By supporting youth, we aim to foster social cohesion, equal opportunities and personal development of individuals. It is essential if we are to build a better future and a stronger society.”

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