Invesco Perpetual aims new range at helping advisers

by | Jul 26, 2018

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The five multi-asset funds have been designed to help financial advisers in the UK match the risk profiles of their clients by accessing the breadth of Invesco’s diverse investment capabilities.

The firm explained that as the financial services industry continues to evolve, advisers are more focused than ever on servicing their clients to meet specific individual needs. Many advisers are now seeking lower-cost investment ‘solutions’ that can cater to a variety of client risk tolerances and financial goals.

The Invesco Perpetual Summit Growth range looks to offer high quality investment solutions together with a robust reporting system to help advisers meet the ever-growing demand on their time.

The Summit range consists of five multi asset fund of funds, which are managed around progressively higher risk targets. This, said the firm, enables advisers to easily match investments to the risk profile of their clients.

Each fund contains a blend of Invesco’s investment capabilities from across the globe and is managed by Nick Mustoe, Invesco Perpetual’s Chief Investment Officer.

Nick Mustoe, Chief Investment Officer, Invesco Perpetual (pictured above) said: ” Invesco Perpetual’s Henley investment centre is renowned for its rich and successful heritage in equities, fixed interest and multi asset investing, and, as part of the global Invesco organisation, we are fortunate to be able to leverage the resources of the Global Solutions team to build our strategic asset allocations in-house.

“From an investment perspective, it is exciting to be able to take advantage of one of our key strengths as an organisation – our diversity of thought. For us, it’s a key differentiator that has real-world investment applications. It means that we can bring together very different investment approaches and styles that aim to deliver truly diversified sources of return for the benefit of our clients.”


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