A report back from the Great North Run


A word from Jodi Bartin, CEO of Citicourt & Co, who recently took part in the Great North Run.

“Thank you so much for your support of this wonderful Charity and encouragement to me to commit the time to participate in this wonderful national event.

“What an amazing experience it was –  I made new friends and my heart was filled with inspiration by the wave of genuine compassion.  I so recommend the GNR to all of those as stupid as me to run this distance with 57,000 other people on the narrow streets of Newcastle, South Shields!

“To be honest, the run itself was much more hilly than I expected, particularly killer was the small bump in the last mile on the coast, and the 10’s of thousands of joggers I had to wade through forcing me up and down pavements, which added an element of excitement.  I started with locals and then ran most of the first 10 miles with Dan (who was in a wheelchair as it happens – he sped past me on the downhill bits!), but we were a unified group and it felt that way every stride of the 13.1 miles.

“In addition to the wonderful stories which I was privy, and the breathtaking inspiration, and new friends made, the crowd carried us from mile to mile even to the point where I wasn’t counting until mile 10!  We were watered, both internally and externally, and offered sugary fuel to satiation – carrying me through with seemingly boundless jubilation and delight!

“I understand an enormous amount has been raised for charity at the GNR again this year, and we have represented a good chunk of that which goes to the Surrey based Rainbow Trust.  The donations are still open so if you have not and would like to donate you still can do so online or via cheque, here.

“My time you ask…..well after about 5 runs to prepare for this and very little running for 3 years and weaving through the GNR track from the furthest back starting group  I achieved 2 hours 17, which apparently is not bad and puts us in the top 30%.  Aiming for 2 hrs next time!  Ella and Edward are running their half marathons later in the year due to injury, and looking to achieve their PB’s.

“Thank you all so so much again, and apologies about the emotional email, but it was all quite lovely and touching and I wanted to share this with you!!!”

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