Join ARIE Capital at the EIS 101: Back to Basics webinar

Join us on Thursday 11th February 10-11:30am for your EIS run-down to cover the foundational elements of how EIS can benefit your clients, particularly at this time of year.

Click here to register to hear from experts in the space, including Stephen Margolis, Chairman & Founding Partner at ARIE Capital.

Stephen, originally a lawyer with over 35 years’ experience in asset finance, founded Taurus Asset Finance (ARIE Capital’s sister company) in 2011 as an alternative asset finance boutique with a particular focus on opportunities in the real estate, intellectual property, renewables and media sectors. Prior to setting up Taurus Asset Finance, Stephen founded Future Films and has been involved in raising over £2 billion for film and TV production.

Since Taurus‘s inception, Stephen has raised over £500 million for a wide variety of projects including the construction of data centres in the North East England, the renovations of two city landmark buildings into an educational facility and a luxury hotel and the development of next-generation haptic and sound technology.

Stephen has been investing in technology since 2014. ARIE Capital was then launched in 2016 to focus on technology and the bridges between China-Israel-UK. The fund has now made 15 technology-based investments giving a vibrant portfolio that spans companies across various countries and in sectors as diverse as Connectivity, Life Sciences, Fintech, Edtech and Sports/Media Tech.

ARIE now has two exits and the fund has grown from $33M to in excess of $55M.

Register now to hear Stephen answer a range of questions, such as:

  1. Why should advisers take new entrants to the market seriously?
  2. How important is investing in fast-flowing technology?
  3. Why is ARIE Capital often called a challenger fund?
  4. ARIE Capital’s investment policy – why did ARIE choose their investee companies?
  5. What are ARIE Capital’s investors and advisers looking for when investing into an EIS fund?

Click here to register>>

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