Live webinar: Disruptive technology’s impact and potential opportunities

by | Jun 8, 2018

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The L&G ETF webinar on disruptive technology takes place on Thursday 14 June at 10am.

It asks the question, from robotics to cyber security, what are the potential opportunities?

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L&G highlights the fact that the world is being transformed as a new wave of innovation, often technology-led, challenges every aspect of how we live and work. For investors, this could bring new investment opportunities, with the potential for higher growth than traditional investments.

This is a chance to register to join the discussion about this key emerging megatrend and the potential opportunities being created.


– Welcome and introduction to L&G ETF: Simon Hynes, Head of Retail Distribution, EMEA;

– Research-led overview of the disruptive technology investment theme: Nick Hartley, Co-Head of Active Equities;

– Potential ways to access this investment theme: Howie Li, Head of ETFs.

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