Myddleton Croft FUM Up by 14%

by | Jan 22, 2015

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Leeds-based discretionary investment manager, Myddleton Croft has reported a positive start to the New Year, announcing that funds under management increased by 14.2% to £60.7 million in the twelve months to the end of December 2014.

“We thank all the Independent Financial Advisers who have introduced their clients to us,” CEO David Cowell said yesterday. “And it’s a vote of confidence that we really appreciate.  We have rewarded them with decent performance and a high quality of service, and we look forward to strengthening our IFA relationships whilst continuing to offer the highest levels of customer service.”

Top Ratings At Defaqto

He also spoke about the development of the company in a year which has seen a considerable investment in back office systems. “The new software system will revolutionise the business and provide an improved customer experience which we hope will attract other investment managers with clients to join the company.”

Myddleton Croft achieved top ratings with Defaqto for 2014 and has been busy forming strong alliances with leading advisers on the East Coast, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria thus broadening their reach across the North of England.

Editor Michael Wilson adds: Regular readers of Mr Cowell’s weekly column for IFA Magazine will already be familiar with Myddleton Croft’s refreshingly different approach, and with its commitment to keeping on top of the changing global situation. Hence the healthy contribution, he feels, that its engaged ‘boutique’ investment management style has been adding to its existing client services. Yorkshire style!

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