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Regardless of Brexit, these are exciting times for the EIS industry.

The sheer volume of opportunities is attracting more and more new funds to the market – and they are very welcome.

In most instances, although the fund might be new, the people involved are highly experienced and experts in their fields. Some have been investing in young companies for many years but are now offering a fund for the first time and are seeking support from the adviser market.

Hardman & Co’s New Entrant Network initiative has been created to smooth their path to market.

In this feature, we take the opportunity to showcase some of these new entrants and what they have to offer. We think you’ll be as impressed by their potential as we are.

Side By Side

EIS investing does not have to be in just start-up companies. The companies we invest in, while still EIS investments, are at the later stage of their development phase, and usually have 2 to 4 million pounds of revenue, and are establishing mainstream customer loyalty for their product and services.

The fund selects just a few new companies each year, (8 in total), growing British companies and after very extensive diligence (that includes customers and international markets), may enter into long term financing and management advising agreements with the company. We provide our own expertise free, but may also introduce other expertise as needed or dictated by the diligence process.

Companies are allocated new working capital by us each year, necessary to meet their approved business and financial plans. We develop a close strategic and operating relationship and help companies transition the well known and otherwise risky process to commercial large scale success.

We believe we are unique operators who bought into and exited companies in our own right before forming our fund to expand our capacity to bring this select, focused experience to each company and commit at least one day a month to be with each management team throughout their lifetime in the fund.

Contact: London@thesidebysidepartnership.com
Tel: +44 207 993 8686

For more information about The Side by Side Partnership click here 

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