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New Look Adviser Hour series kicks off today with VCT Special

As the award-winning Adviser Hour kicks off the first episode in its 5 part Autumn series this morning with a star studded panel on the VCT: 2021/22 Season, we find out a bit more about the changes and updates from GrowthInvest marketing manager Sinead Mullan.

When Adviser Hour was launched over 3 years ago, it was ground breaking as a means of communication in the tax efficient sector. It was regularly watched by hundreds of advisers and won several awards.

Then came the pandemic, and an accelerated switch to online communications by most companies. In this environment Adviser Hour has stood out for its independence and the debates it encouraged. But with the increased online ‘noise’, it was important that we continue to deliver what advisers really value and appreciate. So, we commissioned an independent piece of research amongst advisers to find out what was really wanted. It has proved invaluable and has guided our thinking in taking Adviser Hour forward.

The key findings were these:

  • Although Adviser Hour is available live and ‘on demand’ advisers would like more notice of when the programmes are appearing. So, in future we will be publishing the programme schedule well in advance,
  • The panel discussions are widely appreciated, as a means of getting across different points of view. And also because they give advisers the opportunity to learn about fund managers that are new to them. So, this part of the programme is definitely staying.
  • Unsurprisingly in today’s climate, there is huge interest in ESG and Sustainable investing, so going forward this will be a regular part of our schedules.
  • Topicality. We were asked if we can include a brief ‘News Headlines’ section, giving a summary of latest news and trends in the tax efficient and alternative investment markets. It is a matter of keeping advisers up to date with what is happening in the wider market. This will now be incorporated into the programmes.
  • Can we create a ‘knowledge centre for advisers? Yes, of course, is the answer. Advisers want a place where they can both learn about the products and this marketplace, and also have specific questions answered. So, there will be a section in each edition of ‘Adviser Hour’ where we can talk about the hot topics of advisers and answer your questions. It will embrace both tax products and ESG. We will invite questions before each programme, and during it as well, so that we are answering what is relevant to our viewers. We want to tackle real issues that matter.

Adviser Hour – autumn schedule

In line with our promise to provide more notice of forthcoming programmes, here is the autumn
schedule. Please put them in your diary.

  • VCTs: The 2021/22 SeasonThursday 30th September at 10am
  • IHT: Planning, choices, and timing – Thursday 14th October at 10am
  • EIS: Key drivers and trends – Thursday 21st October at 10am
  • ESG and Sustainable Investing in Alternatives – what you and your clients need to know – Thursday 11th November
  • EIS: Gearing up for the end of tax year – Thursday 18th November at 10am.

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