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by | Dec 16, 2015

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A new online advice business has been launched.

Called eVestor, the founders are Anthony Morrow, founding shareholder of IFA group Paradigm, and Duncan Cameron, co-founder of

eVestor will be based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, and is scheduled to go live next year. It will target the next generation of savers, with a package that hopes to combine market-leading technology, an effortless user experience and seamlessly integrated regulated advice. The idea, says the company, is to make investing more accessible and affordable for everyone in the UK.

For users who want additional support, eVestor has on hand a team of professional advisers who can answer questions.

CEO of eVestor Anthony Morrow said: “eVestor was born out of the belief that the cost of investing, and the buying of financial products, is too expensive and complicated for the vast majority of people in this country. As a result, large swathes of the UK population have been put off saving and investing because they are either unable or unwilling to pay the high costs that come with traditional advice.

“Investing money can be an expensive, stressful and bewildering experience; we believe we have created a solution that removes these barriers.

“With eVestor, we are creating a proposition that will not overcharge clients. Instead, it will engage with them to provide a service which suits their needs. Using technology as the enabler, we believe we can make investment decisions simpler while also reducing the cost.

“We want to empower consumers to become increasingly comfortable when it comes to understanding and managing their investments, so education will also feature heavily in our ongoing service.”

co-founder of Duncan Cameron: “While I have come across many attractive business opportunities over the last decade, nothing has grabbed my interest and attention quite like eVestor. The proposition we are putting in place has the potential to revolutionise investment advice for the benefit of consumers in the UK.”

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