No Huawei in UK 5G network past 2027, but what does that mean for trade?


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New data from the OBR reveals the UK’s economic recovery has been ‘disappointing’. However the big news today is that the UK government announced a phase-out Huawei technology from our 5G network must happen by 2027. Finally, Dennis Hall weighs in on FCA regulation and people trapped in expensive mortgages.

Firstly, Ben Chu shares new OBR data on ‘disappointing’ economic recovery.


The FT has started a recovery tracker, while Chris Giles states ‘May was an age ago’.

The UK’s decision to halt Huawei’s involvement in our 5G network has considerable international implications.

Peter Mandelson wrote a piece on the topic.

NIESR shares their paper on the economic relationship between the UK and China.


In other news Joe Weisenthal makes a comparison between the Tesla stock rally and the 2017 crypto-currency bubble.

And finally, Dennis Hall comments on people trapped in expensive mortgages and the role of the FCA.

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