o2h Ventures extend the close date for ‘o2h Human Health SEIS Fund’ to Wednesday 7th July

Following investor demand, o2h Ventures extended the close date for the ‘o2h Human Health SEIS Fund’ to 5pm Wednesday 7th July.

Sunil Shah 02h founder commented, “Our dedicated EIS fund gives us access to some of the most exciting early-stage therapeutics and AI opportunities in the market.”

A  key part of the o2h Ventures investment strategy is early-stage investments using SEIS relief, and they have seen some stunning successes over the last year.


One of these such comapnies is PharmEnable, which supports early drug discovery programs by providing a rapid, cost efficient, and effective platform to identify new hit candidates. They use their unique and diverse virtual compound library in conjunction with our computational screening programs, to identify novel active chemical starting points against the most challenging biological targets.

They have recently announced an exciting technology collaboration with Sosei Heptares. The teams will be using PharmEnable’s proprietary platforms to drive drug discovery against a challenging and important GPCR target.


Another success through EIS has been AIVIVO. AIVIVO is building a systems pharmacology platform powered by AI to accelerate drug discovery.

The start-up uses disruptive AI technology to accelerate the entire drug discovery process by identifying promising candidates, de-risking the opportunities through preclinical validations, and progressing drug candidates to the clinic through industry and investor partnerships.


o2h Ventures have been working diligently behind the scenes to curate and build a strong pipeline of deals to invest in.

With this in mind, and at the request of some investors, o2h Ventures have extended the close date for the upcoming the o2h human health SEIS fund close to Wednesday 7th July at 5pm.

If you would like to find out more, follow this link with much more detail about the o2h Human Health SEIS Fund.


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