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About this fund

An ISA-Friendly Inheritance Tax Solution

Investors in the AIM market can hold their investments in an AIM ISA. This means that clients can use the Adapt AIM Portfolios for new or existing ISA transfers. So, they get all the tax benefits of an ISA, alongside IHT mitigation and the return potential in AIM.


Our partnership with smaller company specialists Chelverton Asset Management means we can offer investors our combined skills and knowledge. Chelverton selects strong AIM-listed firms, avoiding those with valuations inflated often by being held in IHT portfolios. We can then build diversified portfolios that have little overlap with other providers


Investors can choose from income and growth options. Whatever they choose, their investment could introduce diversification to their overall portfolio and also offer a swifter route to IHT relief.


Growth Portfolio: This focuses on strong return potential over the medium to long term. The dividends are likely to be small. These are either retained in the account to meet ongoing service costs or reinvested in the portfolio

Income Portfolio: This focuses on companies with attractive dividend yields. Investors can choose for these to be paid out on a quarterly basis or to draw a defined income. We retain a small cash ‘float’ to meet the cost of the service


Traditional IHT solutions such as gifts or trusts involve investors waiting seven years for full IHT relief. In contrast, once BR-qualifying AIM shares have been held for two years, and if still held at time of death, they’re set for up to 100% IHT relief.


Access and Control

Trust planning or gifting often means giving up control of or having less access to money. This can cause problems if personal or tax circumstances change. However, with the Adapt AIM Portfolios, clients have access to their investments at all times.

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