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EIS - Open EIS - Close - Evergreen

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About this fund

Mercia’s EIS Funds have an investment-led venture capital strategy, investing nationally with a focus on the underserved regions; specialising in the identification, creation, funding and scaling of innovative technology businesses with high growth potential, creating a strong investment proposition.

Mercia has an Investment Team of industry specialists with venture capital expertise, working extensively with portfolio companies to scale each business with the aim of ultimately delivering shareholder returns.

Mercia can fund companies with different pools of capital, initially via its own EIS Funds or other third- party funds, and then selectively using Mercia’s proprietary capital. Mercia is therefore able to provide a ‘Complete Capital Solution’ for entrepreneurs and small companies, starting from seed rounds of £100,000, larger rounds of up to £2.0million, and building to funding rounds of £10.0million.
Sustained Deal Flow – the consistency in both value and volume of Mercia’s deal flow is hugely supported by deep relationships and networks in each region.


Diversified Portfolio – consisting of approximately 15 EIS qualifying technology companies.

Advance Assurance – will be sought from the HMRC for each investment.

Proactive, specialist asset manager providing capital to regional SMEs (96% invested outside of London).


Eight offices across the UK with 90 investment staff and 19 university partnerships.

The Mercia Group has a substantial track record of delivering realisations from early-stage technology companies.

This EIS fund is managed by a team that has seeded unicorns, and delivered some very high multiple returns for both EIS investors (Clear Review 8x Oct 2020, Native Antigen Company 8.6x July 2020) and Mercia’s other venture capital funds (Allinea 26x Dec 2016, BluePrism 104x July 2019).


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