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Nova Cofoundery SEIS & EIS Fund


Nova Ventures




Generalist, Technology

Minimum Investment



EIS, Guaranteed Deployment, SEIS

Fund Status

EIS - Open - Evergreen SEIS - Open - Evergreen

Fund Target

£ Uncapped

Fund Tel.

0151 318 0761

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About this fund

Members of the Nova team have spent the last 10 years developing their cofoundery model which we believe addresses 5 of the most common mistakes made by startups.
The Fund is intended for those UK tax-paying individuals:

Seeking a diversified exposure in a highly concentrated asset class to knowledge intensive companies in the UK
With income tax liability in the preceding or current tax years
With large capital gains to defer or mitigate
Who look to benefit from IHT relief
The minimum individual investment in The Fund is £10,000. At the Investment Manager’s discretion, smaller individual investments may be accepted, however, this is not guaranteed. The selection of investee companies and the subsequent allocation of investor’s subscriptions to the investee companies are made at the discretion of the Investment Manager with guidance from the Investment Advisor.
An engaged hands-on approach from an experienced startup team
Free of manager fees to the investor for subscriptions received via a financial adviser, facilitating 100% deployment of investor funds and aiming to ensure maximum tax efficiency for the investor
All SEIS and EIS tax advantages applicable, depending on personal circumstances and subject to HMRC approval
Target return of 172p for every 100p invested (Not including EIS or SEIS reliefs)
Performance fee aligns our interests with the investors
Still accepting investments for this tax year for Carry Back to 19/20. Investments required by the 19th March 2021.

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