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Oxford Technology Combined SEIS and EIS Fund – “The Start-up Fund”


Oxford Technology




Biotechnology, Healthcare and Services, Technology, Technology, Hardware and Equipment, Life Sciences

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EIS / SEIS - Open - Evergreen

Fund Target

£ 5000000

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About this fund

Oxford Technology invests in high-risk, high-reward technology start-ups, in general within an hour’s drive of Oxford, and has been doing this since 1983. The latest fund, OT(S)EIS, made its first investment in late 2012. By the end of 2021, OT(S)EIS had completed 177 investments in 51 companies. Our most recent additions to the portfolio are MitoRx Therapeutics, OVO Biomanufacturing, and digiLab Solutions.

The portfolio as a whole continues to thrive. Over Q4 2021, the tax-free gain on the portfolio increased by 12.9%, from £14.72m to £16.61m.

The figures for the overall fund are as follows:

Total Funds Invested: £9.58m
Total Value of Portfolio: £26.19m
– of which Equity Value: £22.36m
– of which Cash back to Investors: £3.83m

Exits are typically expected on up to a 10 year timescale: investments in OT(S)EIS are illiquid and long term. Nevertheless, the return multiples when exits occur can be considerable. For instance, in 2015, OT(S)EIS made an SEIS investment in Animal Dynamics at 14p per share, so effectively 7p per share after tax relief. In 2019, investors were given the opportunity to sell at 97p per share – a 13.8x return. But most opted to keep their shares: the company continues to flourish.

We remain open for investment at any time. We average about one or two new investments per quarter, and investors in the fund receive their pro-rata share of these. The latest quarterly report, with a page of information on each investment, is downloadable from www.oxfordtechnology.com.

At 10am on the first Thursday of each month, Oxford Technology holds a Zoom meeting at which one or more of its existing investee companies which are seeking expansion capital present, enabling investors to make direct EIS follow-on investments.

Email otseis@oxfordtechnology.com if you would like to attend.

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