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Vala Sustainable Growth EIS


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About this fund

The Vala Sustainable Growth EIS aims to invest in companies that have the potential to grow rapidly, create significant value for investors, and make a positive contribution to the world’s sustainability challenges.

An impressive team combining successful entrepreneurial experience in the Investment Committee with deep thematic experience in the Investment Team, led by Jonathon Spanos.

The goal is to invest in companies that are aiming to make a meaningful difference to one of the major sustainability issues facing our economy, society and environment. Success for these companies will be defined by three equally important measures: their sustainability impact, their growth and development, and the value they build for investors.


Each investment is targeted to go into a diverse portfolio of 6-10 companies across three investment themes:
Technology for planetary health: developing processes and manufacturing to use fewer resources
Sustainable consumption & commerce: extending product life
Democratising access to key societal needs: may include education, food, water and healthcare
“Vala has recruited people with experience in this area and is showing a commitment to developing an ESG orientation across the whole business. The adoption of established frameworks should help position companies well for later exits. The themes that have been adopted look sensible, while remaining somewhat broad.”
Hardman Review

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