OSB Group’s range of support for Menopause

by | Oct 18, 2022

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Menopause has been a taboo subject for far too long according to the group, who have been running workshops and providing support throughout 2021 and 2022. In conjunction with World Menopause Day, OSB Group are running a day of events covering everything from a basic introduction on Menopause through to what further support is available for colleagues.

This event forms part of a wider range of support which includes a Menopause Champion within their HR function and ‘we’ve got you’ sanitary supplies in toilets. Support also includes dedicated webinars such as Managing Menopause in the workplace which is tailored to all colleagues with line management duties and Talking about Menopause which is a more general look at Menopause and how colleagues can support each other.

Since support started in March 2021, the People Development team have received really positive feedback, one of which was from Nicky Ridge, Customer Service Assistant: It was a real eye opener attending the Menopause workshop with People Development as I had no idea what I was experiencing was “normal”. It gave me a better understanding that then prompted me to speak to my GP – It also gave awareness to the younger people in the company who would probably have never understood the full symptoms and the impact it can have on your abilities to carry out your job on a daily basis as no 2 days are ever the same.


Michelle Boyd, Vulnerable Customer Officer, stated: “At last someone taking notice! I don’t mind sharing my experiences because I know it’s not spoken about nearly enough, and I am only at the start of my journey so still a little way to go. The best way for me to describe how it impacts me is it’s as if the ‘menopause fairy’ comes in and puts fog in my head! Sometimes it feels as though my brain cells have been sucked from my mind! I find my patience levels are disappearing, and that’s not a great feeling at all. That said, I can see the humour in it! My grandson had 4 birthday cards as I couldn’t remember where I put them (a ‘safe’ place – so safe, even I couldn’t find it!).”

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