Peppy expands Women’s Health Service for employees

by | Mar 26, 2022

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Peppy, the digital health platform renowned for its workplace health support, has today announced the launch of an expansion to their Women’s Health Service – a more inclusive approach to all aspects of women’s health, mirroring the Men’s Health Service that the company already offers.

Via employers such as Santander, Wickes, Novartis and Clifford Chance, and via PMI providers Vitality and AXA Health, Peppy already supports over a million employees across its existing services, including menopause, fertility, pregnancy, new parenthood and men’s health. This launch of further support for employees who are female, those who identify as female or assigned female at birth, is in direct response to current clients asking for a fuller health service for women.

The new service expands on the existing provision to now encompass more areas, including gynaecology, contraception, common conditions (PCOS, endometriosis, breast care, UTIs, PMS etc.), sex, nutrition, exercise, mental health (including body image, eating disorders, bereavement and grief), addiction, relationships and more.

The emergence of digital health has transformed how health and wellbeing can be supported in the workplace. Not only can more people be supported more quickly, it also has the ability to monitor engagement and utilisation, so it’s possible to measure its effectiveness, and respond quickly to need. Human-led, digital health enables employers to support all their employees equally and consistently, with expert, personalised support.


Dr Mridula Pore, CEO of Peppy said: “Technology has really helped democratise this type of human-led support, making it much easier for more employers to offer it, which is important as all female employees should be able to access the support they need, when they need it.”

Peppy believes that broadening the range of support available is not just about reducing the negatives for employers, such as lessening the impact of staff absences. By offering a holistic women’s health service, employers are making a positive statement that they want to attract, retain and engage with female employees and that they recognise there are many factors that can impair a woman’s ability to bring her best self into the workplace.

Dr Mridula Pore continued: “Standard healthcare ignores the physical and emotional issues that many women experience. From our research, we found eighty-five per cent of women experiencing at least four conditions during their working life that are currently underserved by standard healthcare services. Ultimately, this impacts their wellbeing as well as their employers’ bottom line.


“The female body goes through several specific phases and stages but we recognise that support is not only needed at these physiological change points in a women’s life. Support could be required at any time during an employee’s working life and therefore having workplace support available that is easily accessible, devoid of any wait time, from expert practitioners is what’s really needed, and this speaks volumes about how much an employer values its staff.

“We all understand that the NHS has been under huge pressure, particularly over the past two years, but this means that so many women cannot currently access the services and support that they require, and in some cases, desperately need. That is why we are launching this expansion to help female employees and in turn, improve outcomes for employers too, by improving retention, engagement and attraction of women in the workplace.”

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