Podcast: From Farm to Fork, how can investors improve food ethics?

by | Jun 8, 2022

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In this fascinating episode of IFA Magazine’s weekly podcast, Dan Crossley, Executive Director of the Food Ethics Council, talks to Sue Whitbread, Editor of IFA Magazine, and Rebecca Tomes, Junior Editor, about why food matters.

In this week’s episode, Dan tells IFA Magazine that the food sector is both responsible for many issues – from climate breakdown to human health and wellbeing, from poverty and injustice to the plight of animals – and deeply affected by them. Therefore, Dan argues we need to transform our relationship with food. He explains that food ethics is all about ‘the questions we should be asking about our food’, taking an ‘in the round’, long-term approach, for the benefit of people, animals and planet. And, as part of that, for investors.
Dan highlights two reasons why investors should care about, and take action to improve, food ethics:
1.) As responsible citizens of the planet, there is a strong moral argument or obligation to do so
2.) There is a compelling investor case for taking a long-term ‘all things considered’ approach when it comes to investments relating to food, agriculture and fishing. In short, unsustainable food and farming companies will fall by the wayside, sustainable food and farming companies will survive and prosper, delivering long-term returns.

Listen to this engaging conversation below – we’re sure you’ll find it just as interesting as we did!

From Farm to Fork, how can investors improve food ethics? – Financial Insight | Podcast on Spotify


The Food Ethics Council are taking part in Reset Connect London 2022, a leading sustainability and net zero event for business, investors and innovators, which happens on 28/29 June as part of London Climate Action Week. 

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